Website Completed: Kindness Coach Vermont

May 20, 2020

? One of our recent projects was for a relationship coach in Saint Albans. It was great working with Patrick.

? This site was one of lower cost options. The base cost for setup and design was only $75. Other updates and customizations were around $40. Hosting is only $10/month.

We were able to utilize one of our past designs as a base and customize it for Patrick’s needs. We have fine tuned the development process over the years to able to efficiently duplicate previous tasks we have done for others helping ensure we provide the highest value to our clients. We pass on much of the savings our efficiencies have produced. I’m fairly confident that we are able to work within most small businesses budgets while producing a very high quality website.

➡️ Visit the link to check his site and let us know what you think!

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