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  1. Dave Zirnhelt
    June 20, 2006 @ 7:47 pm


    We’re glad to hear you like the idea so much!  It has definitely been a learning experience and not as easy as it looks (nothing ever is right?)  Just by posting this on your blog, you’re entered.  You can check back at our furniture contest page for stats which will be updated every couple weeks or so.  Keep in mind, you can post as often as you’d like.  Since your site is design and marketing oriented, you could blog about some of our other marketing initiatives like our PRs, our Newsletter, or our new TV commercial which will be released in the coming weeks.  Of course, if you have any advice on marketing furniture, we’d be happy to hear it.

    If you ever do decide to run a contest like this, feel free to contact us for any tips.

    Best of luck!
    Dave Zirnhelt


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