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Search Engine Optimization (or SEO)

GoogleSEO began as the first search engines were cataloging the early Web. Many site owners quickly learned to appreciate the value of a new listing in a search engine, as they observed sharp spikes in traffic to their sites. Site owners soon began submitting their site URLs to the engines on a regular basis, and began modifying their site to accommodate the needs of search engine spiders, the software programs sent out to explore the Web. Special features such as meta tags became a common feature of sites that sought out high-ranking listings in search engine result pages (the so-called “SERPs”).

Consultant firms such as Advantage Creations arose to serve the needs of these site owners, and attempted to develop an understanding of the search engines’ internal logic, or algorithms. The goal is to develop a set of practices for copywriting, site coding, and submissions that would ensure maximum exposure for a website.

Costs: Fees for our web page optimization start at $100 for a web site. The actual fees depend on how many web pages and how much content web pages have.

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