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Hotchkiss Construction Services

Web site:

Stuart Hotchkiss of Hotchkiss Construction Services asked us to develop a web presence for their company. The web site originally was to offer high quality custom furniture for purchase online. The web site was designed to be a fast, efficient, and easy to use.

Simplicity was one of the major goals of the web site. Stuart Hotchkiss, new to the internet himself, requested that the web site be simple and very straight-forward for anyone to understand.

Once the website was completed Stuart had this to say:

“This is our first step in internet marketing. Without the help of Jeremy Ryan at Advantage Creations, the process of establishing a web site might well have been less than a pleasure. Jeremy is all that anyone could ask for. He is capable, patient, and innovative.” stated Stuart Hotchkiss, founder of Hotchkiss Construction Services.

This year Stuart decided to expand the website’s offerings to include services that Hotchkiss Construction Services provides. We were able make changes to the website to reflect the new focus.

Hotchkiss Construction Services utilizes the following services that we offer: