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Pepsi Collectables

Web site: www.PepsiCollectables.com

We created this web site to experiment with our skills in community based web sites. This web site is designed to aid Pepsi product collectors in communicating with other Pepsi product collectors in buying/selling Pepsi Collectables. We created four distinct different ways for them to do this:

  • Pepsi Collectables Classifieds – provides a free resource for users to post what they have for sale, want they want to buy or anything else related to Pepsi collectables.
  • Pepsi Collectables Links Directory – a directory for other users web sites or users of interest.
  • Pepsi Collectables Chat – provides a place for users to chat with each other.
  • Pepsi Collectables Forums – provides a place for users to post any questions and answers or help to other users of the web site.

The site makes money through partnerships with Ebay and Google Adsense. For Ebay, we have a Pepsi Collectable search box at the bottom of the page. We receive a commission every time this is used and a sale is made. For Google Adsense a set amount it paid every time someone clicks on an ad.

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