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Swanton Historical Society

Web site: www.SwantonHistoricalSociety.org

The Swanton Historical Society of Swanton, Vermont decided it was time to get online. Ron Kiburn, the president approached us after being referred by Dave Hamlen of Hamlens Garden Center (a current client). Ron didn’t know exactly what they needed or wanted, so we met with him and other members of the board of trustees to discuss all the options. They decided on the following options which we did work into the site:

  • Email System for Members – Members can each have their own official Swanton Historical Society email address. A member may also be able to send an email to a single broadcast email account, which sends the message to all other members.
  • Email List – We are collecting email subscriptions through the web site to be used later for newsletters, events and notices from the Swanton Historical Society.
  • Donations and Order Taking – We set up a donations page and a shopping page where visitors can make donations to the Swanton Historical Society or purchase items they have for sale.
  • Information – So far, we have posted information regarding Swanton’s History, the Swanton Historical Society’s Programs, Museum, Current Projects, and a Links Directory has been started. Later we intend to create a photo gallery… pictures are being gathered at this time!
  • Forums – The forums enable the Swanton Historical Society to communicate with other members and the community to serve online. Visitors can post questions and answers and just interact. We also have a Buy/Sell area where visitors can post historical items they have for sale or wish to acquire. Members can subscribe to forums to be notified of any new posts. A very powerful tool!
  • Chat – Members can chat in small groups anytime they wish. This helps with urgent meetings when not everyone can make it. Meetings can be held online while members are sitting at home. Also online events where members and the community can have discussions. Also a very powerful tool for this kind of web site!

The Swanton Historical Society utilizes the following services that we offer:

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