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Wildcat Products

Wildcat Products 1Web site:

Joe Peters of Wildcat Products approached us to help them get their business online. We agreed on a joint venture, where we create and promote the web site and we split the profit made. Wildcat Products is a chemical manufacturing company which specializes in Coin-Op Machine Cleaning Products. Their products include Wildcat #125, which is a Pinball Playfield Cleaner and Foozball, which is a Foosball Rod Lubricant.

Wildcat Products desired to sell direct to the home market through the internet. However, they didn’t want to be involved in the day-to-day tasks of running the web site. This is where we come in. We designed the web site and continue to manage it as well as it’s promotions. Tasks we perform include:

  • Promotion – We currently arrange for banner ads to appear on related web sites, such as, which is a highly ranked and regarding web site in the Pinball industry. We also use search engine marketing and paid keyword sponsorships. We are planning to launch an affiliate program for the site in the near future.
  • Email List – We are collecting email subscriptions through the web site to be used later for tips, newsletters, specials and notices from Wildcat Products.
  • Order processing – We collect the orders and then transmit them to Wildcat Products for processing. They in turn send us the tracking numbers after being processed and we then email the tracking to each customer using a combination of a database and our special emailing software which sends personalized individual emails to each customer regarding their order.

Wildcat Products utilizes the following services that we offer: