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Website Management

Our website management service can include as little or as much as you desire. It can include complete design of your website, regular updates, design changes, adding content, the marketing of your site, and domain and hosting services in one on-going month-to-month package. This is a custom plan where together we would decide on the best package for your company’s needs. 

We manage over 20 successful websites at this time. We have experience in what it takes to manage a website to ensure that its reaching the desired goals of the company.

Depending on what you need we can take care of every aspect involved with the management of your website. This includes:

  • Domain Management
  • Periodic Web Design and content changes
  • Internet Marketing

Domain Management:

We will take care of the domain registration and hosting of the account… domain hosting fees are included in the management fees.

Periodic web design and content changes:

We will make any requested small changes to the design and text of the website. Any major alterations, such as a complete redesign of the website, would incur additional charges.

This part of the service would include changing ads on the website, changing any bodies of text, adding new categories, moving content around, and stuff like that.

Internet Marketing:

This is negotiable… we can include whatever you like from our Internet Marketing services, which primarily include Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Sponsorship, and Email Marketing. We also can work with on developing an Affiliate Program, Banner Advertising and Strategic Linking.

Initial consultations are free, and you have no obligation. Contact us by email or call us at (802) 735-2149.