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JL Ryan

Web site:

JL Ryan has been our most successful online venture since 1998. We started on a shoestring budget. is now a top internet retailer of its kind. The website carries a variety of home, health and fitness products such as FlowbeeRocking Animals, Novelty Toilet Seats, and Genisphere.

What we have achieved for

  • Sales in over 13 countries.
  • Doubling of sales over 4 years online.
  • Mentioned on (top 10 shopping web sites of 1999)
  • Over $2 million in sales since start.

We have achieved this through creating a well organized, easy to navigate and credible web site. We found that one important element to a web site, particularly when you are not one of the big guys like or, is you need to stress credibility. You need to make sure that the visitor feels safe when buying through the web site. We accomplished this by using the following features:

  • Easy to find, toll-free phone number. This is at the top of every page on this web site. 
  • Fully-detailed and easy to find policies. Once again, a link to these policies can be found at the top of every page… as well as on the sides and the bottom and in between. 
  • Adding testimonials to each web page. We have added a random service testimonial to the top of every page and 1-5 product testimonial to each product page on the web site. This has helped enormously with instilling legitimacy and credibility. 
  • The site must also be professionally designed. Many shoppers today will not shop or do business with a web site that they believe to be not professional.

We market it mainly through the search engines. We achieve most of our sales through our pay-per-click relationships with Google Adwords and Bing Ads (Ads on and Google Adwords and Bing Ads allow us to bid on search terms that you would use to find products we carry. For example, if you search for terms such as “flowbee” or “pet flowbee” on Google; and “novelty toilet seats” on Yahoo or Bing, you would find our keyword sponsorship ads at the top or the to the side of the regular search results. This is a very fast way to get traffic to your web site when you first launching your web site or a new product or service.

We also send out periodic emails of new products, specials, and surveys to customers through emailing software that allows us to load in the names and email addresses on our list and then send a personalized email message to each individual on the list.

JL Ryan utilizes the following services that we offer: