How to Fix “Another Update in Progress” Error in WordPress in 6 Steps

Fix "Another Update in Progress" Error in WordPress header

Can’t Update WordPress because another update is currently in progress?

The “Another Update in Progress” error happens when trying to perform an update while a core update to WordPress is happening.

While WordPress is being updated, a database lock is activated to prevent other updates from happening at the same time which protects the integrity of the WordPress website.

The database lock should end once the update has completed. However, we have found that often times the error still continues preventing other updates to plugins being able to be done. When this happens, we suggest using the Fix Another Update in Progress plugin.

Steps to fix the problem with “Fix Another Update in Progress” plugin:

Fix Another Update in Progress steps

  1. Sign into the WordPress and click to the dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Plugins >> Add New
  3. Search for “Fix Another Update”
  4. Install the plugin and activate it.
  5. Navigate to Settings – Fix Another Update In Progress on the menu.
  6. Click the “WordPress Update” link on the page and that should be it.

Fix Another Update in Progress steps 2

You should be able to continue your updates from then on. 

If we are hosting your WordPress website and/or managing your WordPress install, we can take care of this for you.